Have you ever felt, which is being unemployed?   1 comment

It´s very hard for anyone who has a full time job, from which the whole family,

wife, children, and even in-laws or parents, losing a moment’s notice.

Pushing down the dignity

One behind You,It´s the name of the game

Is a stroke of guilt that comes without anesthesia to the worker, first at the very moment when it is fired, but then increases even more, by simple imagination of what

awaits him and his family. Needless to say, when you have to tell this

momentous news to his wife …

I’ve met many workers who have gone through this critical moment in their lives

that have left a wake of hopeless, and with a bitter taste that accompanies them

until they get a new one.
Unemployed dear friends around the world … Never lose faith in that other work

is on its way to you, and it is necessary to clear the way to enter this new


Force and Faith,dear Friends


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  1. Es super wueno!!!


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